EDA-EMERGE – Novel tools in Effect Directed Analysis for identifying & monitoring emerging toxicants on a European scale

Leading organisations:
Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research


Geographic Area:


EDA-EMERGE aims to train a new generation of young scientists in the interdisciplinary techniques required to meet the major challenges in the monitoring, assessment and management of toxic pollution in European river basins.

Target audience:

Area of interest:
Occurrence of pharmaceuticals in the environment and Risks to ecosystems


1) A new generation of EDA approaches will be developed for identifying toxicants in European surface and drinking water by integrating innovative mode of action based bio-diagnostic tools including in vitro tests, transgenic organisms and ‘omics’ techniques with powerful fractionation and cutting edge analytical and computational structure elucidation tools.
2) Innovative method development by young researchers at leading research institutes and private companies will be closely linked with a joint European Demonstration Program and higher tier EDA, together with extensive training courses, summer schools and conferences.
3) Practical experience in organizing and running of actual international sampling and monitoring campaigns.
4) In providing methodologies, tools and 14 skilled young scientists, EDA-EMERGE helps meet the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and creates a basis for future regulations to protect and use water resources sustainably.

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